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◈ OOC ◈ | critique ∞ contact post

Here is the ever handy-dandy Critique & Contact post. Have suggestions or critique for how I play Katsura? Do you find him too silly or maybe not enough of a dork? Whatever it is, feel free to hit me up on this post. ♥ Comments will be screened.

Also, if you ever need to contact me regarding plotting, dropped tags, or just want to get in touch with me. Feel free to give me a poke here, along with any of these contacts:

AIM: koori no miko
Y!M: potatosforpowerwrist
E-mail: aeloriax [at] gmail.com
Personal LJ: ignipotent


◈ one ◈


Taken from my bath with Elizabeth, forced into bondage like some fool? Those who dare make a mockery of Katsura Koutarou will not live!

◈ seventeen ◈


Oh Elizabeth, I may be going crazy...

◈ sixteen ◈

You must make sure to capture every nanometer of my sculpted physique, Takasugi. Also, do not make my head look like a pineapple, but most of all you must not make me look too feminine. You see, I am a paragon of manli --- [ a large screeching sound followed by sudden lurch ]

...What was that?

[ooc: I cried. ]

◈ fifteen ◈

...Fighting over confectionery items like starving dogs. Are we not men even when reduced to fools by the so-called 'deities'?!

And for those curious to whether I was affected by yesterday's curse, the answer is no. I thankfully retained every single strand of hair on my head.

◈ fourteen ◈

Many of you have questioned time and time again in regards to my gender, from making jokes to downright accusing me of being of woman. Now, this ties into to an admission I must make - a truth that only my beloved Shinsuke knows.

I am a woman

From the time Shinsuke discovered me undressing myself as a child to even now, I have bound myself every morning, concealing what I should have been proud of. But no longer!!

...I can only begin to apologize for the trouble I brought upon my beloved husband. I know I cannot change the past, but I can promise to make it up to you in bed. Shinsuke, as you hold me tonight and every night, I will make sure that we shall burn the sheets with our passion. With such emotions coursing through our veins --- like a tidal wave crashing against a rugged shore, even the knees of doujinshi artists will quiver.

And I owe an apology to all my adorable children. All of you came from within my womb, none of you were adopted as you might have suspected.

Ah, I'm also pregnant once more. I wonder if I'll have another cherished daughter. ...Chrome-chan, come here and let Daddy Mother do your hair.

[ooc: Family drama curse. Married to Shinsuke once more with three children and a twin brother named Kanda. ]

◈ thirteen ◈ | voice post

...What's this strange thing?

[ the sound of tapping as Katsura hits the microphone ]

Hey, old man Gintoki, where's everyone else? Takasugi? Sakamoto? Shoyou-sensei...?

[ ooc: Got to run out for dinner, but will respond to tags wen I come back. ♥ ]

◈ twelve ◈ | voice post

[the audio clicks on; a surprisingly gentle, feminine voice speaks]

...Gintoki, you wouldn't happen to have bandages at home, would you?

[light grumbling, the next comment is barely audible, however it's not completely indistinguishable]


[ooc: No need for an icon change. >_>;; Large chest because something is needed to make him look different than normal. Feel free to poke him in-person if you're out in the City.]

◈ eleven ◈ | voice post

WILL RANDOM STRANGERS OF THE MALE GENDER CEASE GIVING ME GIFTS!!! ...I do enjoy these sweets, as shameful as that is for a samurai like me. Do I even remotely resemble a woman?!

Now onto more important matters. Did you truly believe that your little stunt would deter me from my goal, Amanto? Then you are far mistaken, for nothing can stop the wrath of this Katsura Koutarou until the day he delivers his final blow against the scum that dare oppress us.

...Gintoki, are those crazed idiots girls gone yet?

◈ ten ◈ | voice post